All looks Triple RRR

How did you start your music career?

I grew up in a household where I had music around me. My older sister was in a band and I enjoyed watching them perform, so I knew it was something I loved and wanted to do.

How was life for you growing up in Florida and how have those experiences influenced your music?

Florida is wild, real wild!!! I grew up in Orlando in the hood and did what I needed to do to survive. I sold drugs to make money and stay fly. I also stole cars growing up but knew I needed to chill out because all my friends were either dying or getting locked up. I grew up listening to My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Lil Wayne. I was just everywhere with music so that’s literally what shaped my life and music.

Your music often reflects your personal struggles and experiences. What is your usual process in writing your music?

I just need weed and Hennessy to space out into my thoughts and experiences. I’m just telling my stories, the good and the bad, whatever it is and I love that people connect to that.

All looks Triple RRR

You left home at a young age. How did that affect you?

[It] just taught me to be independent early on and it shows in the music because I’ve been through a lot, so it gives me a lot to talk about.

You recently toured with Post Malone. What was that like? Was there a standout moment for you on that tour?

It’s been insane, we do arenas every night with about 20-30 thousand people in it. I’m grateful enough to enjoy every moment of it and thankful to have a rockstar brother I can share these experiences with!!!

All looks Triple RRR

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with? Dead or alive?

I think dead would be Jim Morrison for a fact but someone today I wanna work with is ‘Young Thug’. He’s like the trap Michael Jackson.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Touring the world with my brother Post Malone and just really being able to say I went from nothing to something like being homeless and now having this new deal, new money and new journey!!!

You have a lot of tattoos. What are the most meaningful ones?

I got “Good Vibes” tatted on my eyelids in memory of my brother XXX. He was a big inspiration in my music career journey and I miss him so much!!

Your single “She Bad” has had global success! Was that song about a particular person?

I was watching Jimmy Fallon late night in the studio and seen ‘Christine & The Queens’ dancing on there and was like damn she dances like Michael Jackson, then wrote the song.

What can we expect from your album?

Heart Full of Rage 2 is coming this year, working wit’ a few people and got a few surprises. Just exploring more of my sound! You’re gonna get more Rockstar Yaweh vibes and I’ll have some of my amazing friends on there as well. But I’ll definitely have my brothers G-Eazy, Ty Dolla $ign and some additional people I wanna surprise y’all with!!

All looks Triple RRR