How did you get your break in the Industry?

The break came in super early in my young life as a hairdresser. The very first came when I was 18 yrs old at the Milan Fashion Week in 1992 for a hairstylist at Dolce & Gabbana. I became friends with other young stylists, caught the fashion fever and my career began. I did fashion shows in Milan, Paris, London and NYC and after getting an agent relatively quickly, I moved to NY where all the action was boomin’ during the 90’s.

My 2nd break was in 1996 where I joined the Garren Agency as a young hairstylist. I worked closely with Garren and Steven Meisel while assisting an apprentice. My solo career was going along steadily with the crème dela crème of the fashion world. Meisel was producing some of his most iconic work during those years and being part of that moment, now in the fashion history books, defined so much of who I am and what I do artistically today. The constant creation we all strive to accomplish, for fashion is always a step ahead of the mundane.

For the next 18 yrs, I worked daily with the most creative people that make up the soul of the fashion world, from photographers, directors and fashion designers, to stylists, magazine editors and make-up artists, I pretty much worked with everyone in the industry. Fashion is about inspiration and I like to be unreasonable. My motto is: Be predictably unpredictable! Basically something great is coming, they just don’t know what!

Who do you most enjoy collaborating with?

Besides TINGS Mag (love a fashion magazine that explores youth movement and is very much in the fore front and unafraid to explore new talent and on paper!)… Truly I don’t have a singular preference but I do have a criteria when collaborating with talent and by that I mean every one involved in the process of creating the next now! Can’t be commercial, unless is for a payday. Can’t be safe, safe is for the fearful. Can’t be boring, boring is for the halfway there. Must have some ideas of what the future of fashion looks like. I’m always game to collaborate and to inspire the new generations with my experience and it’s always a collaborative effort with the team. That’s how we bridge generations of creativity to carve a new path for fashion’s next visionaries. I also do lectures for young stylists to teach them about Pure Creativity versus Synthetic creativity (Copying) and have lectured at the Tony & Guy Academy in Los Angles as well as the Major Hair show. Educating others is one of my favorite things to do.

What is your current obsession?

I obsess over and over and always seeking newer tools for the hair trade but unfortunately hair is a artisanal job so not many new tools have been created. I obsess about this particular wooden brush I’ve got from an Italian brush maker as it’s by far one the best I’ve used. All natural woods and the tech is fantastic. Also figuring out how my hands can perform newer tricks is definitely a daily obsession as I trust my hands to do things not yet done.

You’ve worked with so many huge names throughout your career – what has been your most memorable look?

I have to say Tom Ford’s return to fashion. I got the call to prepare all the models for his unique presentation to the most elite of the fashion world’s major magazine editors and world press at the opening of his new NYC Madison Avenue store. Being with Tom for 3 full days was special. Another one that really made an impact both on the public and fashion world was Drew Barrymore at the Golden Globes. I managed something that was epic on one of the biggest red carpets of the year.

This past May, Jennifer Connelly at the Met Gala for Louis Vuitton and Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan in Monaco 2 years ago were two other epic moments.

Putting in the time to learn the craft when I was young is the fundamentals of being able to provide services to any client, no matter their hair texture or origin. I’m a child of this marvellous world and I welcome and care for every woman to the fullest with love and a passion for beauty.

What are your essential hair products?

A great oil, an amazing mousse, Ellnett hairspray, hair gel and dry shampoo powder. With these 5 I can create anything. I’m currently working on my very first Hair Care Line, all clean all natural bio sustainable, contributing to a better environment.

What is the best hair advice you can give?

Be daring, be courageous, always explore you as a new version of you with colors and cuts. You are the source of your life, no one can live or feel it for you so have fun with it. Trust a professional always and don’t do DYI’s at home whilst drinking!! I do love a mood board and if a client sends it to me in advance, I get a better understanding of their aesthetic ideas and vision, I then create accordingly from a pure place to deliver my vision of them. Always listening and always with a smile.

Who do you follow on Instagram that you think other people should follow?

@gucci, @alessandro_michele,

@garrennewyork, @patmagrathreal,

@bradelterman, @vmagazine,

@imgmodels, @forwardartists, @cfda,

@irisvanherpen, @emmanuellealt,

@mario_sorrenti, @davidsimsofficial,

@tomford, @tingslondon,

@metropolitanmuseum, @florence,

@justinrcampbell, @parisjackson,