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 How did you get your start in the industry?

Everything happened really quick.  One day I was 17yrs old sitting on my mom’s couch not sure what to do with my life. Next thing I know, my cousin Natalia Canalli, who was studying fashion, invited me to do a small runway show in my hometown Curitiba. A local agency was at the show and shortly after signed me to be a model.  One week after I signed, the agency put me in a model contest called ‘Super Models Brazil’, where guys and girls from the entire country were competing for a chance to get an international contract. My hopes weren’t high, since I had just started. I didn’t really have much more planned apart from continuing my educational life at University, so I joined the contest.  I ended up winning my state final, and was placed into the national final where only 5 guys out of a few hundred thousand were selected. I was so happy I had made it that far. My life took a completely different turn in less than 2 months and little did I know I was embarking on a journey I’d soon call a career. I ended up winning the big national final, and that same night was invited by a French and Italian agency to travel to Europe to do my first fashion week in 2009.

– You moved away from your home in Brazil at an early age. How did that affect you?

It completely changed my life. I always dreamed of travelling the world and experiencing different cultures and modelling gave me opportunities to go places I’d never imagined.  When I first started travelling in January 2009, I only spoke Portuguese. Shortly after, I started interacting in English, French and Italian. Having the chance to experience the world the way I did from such a young age, made me grow into the man I am today. It completely opened my mind to different things I imagine, I’d have never been able to do without travelling abroad.

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– Since leaving Brazil, you’ve travelled the world and lived in NYC, Paris and London. What do you appreciate about each city?

You forgot to mention Milan, Tokyo and Montreal! Each city is unique and intriguing in different ways. NYC is my home away from home. It’s where I’m more productive and have a lot of opportunities. However, it is not my favorite place to live. Paris is where my career started, and is a place I love to come back to and spend time. I have lots of friends there and every time I go, I end up having different experiences. It’s just a magical place and the wine is amazing!

London is also amazing. I first went in 2009 and was shocked with the city’s energy and beauty. I would love to go back and spend more time there.

Milan was great. I made a lot of friends as well as attended many parties. Italians are passionate about life and they make a living into a roller coaster of happy moments. It truly amazes me. Tokyo felt like a totally different world to me. I felt like I was an extra-terrestrial creature there! I have never had so much fun in my life like I did in Tokyo. That was also where I met my wife, so it’s a really important city for me. Plus I really miss Tokyo sushi. Montreal was cold, really cold. Hahaha. We moved there to have Milo and it was the most special time of my life. This city holds a lot of good memories and I love the routine.  Next stop for us will hopefully be California (not sure where yet).

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– You’re career has spanned over 10 years and you’ve worked with the worlds leading fashion houses. What are some of your highlights so far?

Definitely my first campaign ever for Dior with the Karl Lagerfeld shoot was really important for me. Not only campaign and magazines but doing the fashion week from 2009 until 2012 was one of the biggest highlights. It was definitely where I got exposure into the industry and was able to work with all the biggest designers to build the solid foundation that led me to where I am today.

– What is a career goal you would still like to achieve?

I still have a lot to achieve in modelling. I aspire to work with several big photographers I still haven’t had the pleasure to work with and I aim to work on different projects. I have also set goals apart from modelling and have dedicated time towards building an acting background for the past year, which I completely love.

– Who haven’t you worked with that you’d love to?

I would say Peter Lindbergh. His photography is absolutely beautiful.

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– What career achievement are you most proud of?

My latest fragrance campaign I worked alongside my wife Jess for ‘Joop’. It was a dream to do such a big project with my love.

– How did you meet your wife?

We met in Tokyo during a modelling trip.

– How did you propose?

I proposed in Paris. Right after we had found out that Jess was pregnant with Milo, I decided to propose. So, I reached out to a good friend of mine to help me find a nice engagement ring. Then, I prepared a surprise. I called my agency in Paris and told them to send me a fake job, so I could leave the apartment early in the morning. I then called her agency to send her a “fake/ last minute” casting around 1pm, so it would give me time to go to my friend’s house to pick up the ring, buy flowers and head up to the iconic Sacre-Coeur where I told her agency to send her for the “casting”. When she arrived at the bottom of the steps, I was there waiting for her ready to propose. Luckily, it was all a really big surprise to her, like I had planned. It was a truly magical moment for both of us.

– How do you balance being a father to young children whilst having such a busy career?

Sometimes it can be challenging, but Jess and I make it work. We really balance our schedules where one of us stays with the kids. Not to mention our supportive family and friends. At the end of the day, I believe that we get to enjoy our kids more than if we had a regular 8am- 4pm work schedule.

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– How has being a young father affected you?

It affected me big time. I had to completely change my lifestyle as I had new responsibilities. It made me a better man. I can only see positive things about having become a father at a young age and I love spending time with my kids.

– Do you always travel with your family? What’s the longest you’ve been separated and how did you cope?

We are always rolling together. Now, it’s starting to become a little harder since Milo is moving into first grade. This was one of the reasons why we decided to move to Paris for his first year of school, Kindergarten. The longest I have ever been away for work was maybe 2 weeks, and by the end of the first week it got hard. However, the hardest is when Jess travels, and I need to take care of the boys alone. It is a lot of work. Hats of to single parents! Hahaha.

– You’re in great shape, how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road. What’s your regime?

I never really had a diet or nutritional worries. I usually eat what I feel like, but balance is key. I did spend 2 years without eating red meat; I would only eat fish. Now my diet depends on what I feel like eating. I believe in listening to my body. I so think I’m lucky to have a good metabolism, but I also stay active by playing tennis, cycling, mountain biking, doing martial arts, surfing when I can, and also hitting the gym at times.

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– Your sons have recently started modelling. What advise will you give them as they progress?

They model with either me or my wife on special projects. We still don’t let them work alone. However, when they finish school and decide it’s something they want to pursue, Jess and I will be sure to give all the support and advice.

– You have a large social media following. Do you feel any pressure in what you post?

I love my fans, I never understood  how I got so many fans, but they have been there for me since the beginning of my career, waaaay before social media like Instagram existed. I used to always post whatever, but nowadays I do try to play the game a little and post stuff that could potentially generate more engagement. My posts are normally more personal and portray my real life.

– What are the top 5 songs on your current playlist?

I don’t really have top songs. Lol… I usually listen to whatever feels good at that moment.

– What physical feature are you most confident about?

My eyebrows.