The XX – ‘I Dare You’

Calvin Klein / Alasdair McLellan Music Video: The XX – ‘I Dare You’

Made in collaboration with Raf Simons for Calvin Klein, the videography for ‘I Dare You’ is about member of The XX band, Romy, daring herself to accept and conjecture that she just might not be the same as the other young girls around her.

Featuring familiar faces, such as the refreshingly beautiful, Paris Jackson, Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders, and Stranger Things Actress, Millie Bobby Brown, British fashion photographer, Alasdair McLellan, directs and shoots a what-at-first-seems confusing, music video – which in the simplest form, depicts the said-to-be true story of Romy, in her early teens, one day missing her school bus (as shown in the music video) and ending up hanging out with her brother’s friends for the day, witnessing them frolicking with girls. This in turn triggered thoughts of whether she may possibly be into girls more than boys.

The cast are seen to be wearing Calvin Klein’s Fall’17 collection, as well as being shot in some aesthetically satisfying locales – said to have been down to Raf Simon’s innovative erudition. 

In a post shared on Facebook, The XX refers to Simons as ‘a hero’ of theirs, and then go on to thanking the rest of the team for the production and outcome of the convoluted videography.